• The Dutch AW139 fly with a single winch version, the model is the one with a double winch. And also I'm not sure if they use the search light - I couldn't find a picture with it.
    But because of the beauty of the model with the 'double' nose and the fact that I'm a Dutchman I wanted to try to make a repaint :)!
  • It's a 'clean' version without notable weathering effects. If you know how to make that you have my permission.
  • I tried to add some details and accents (outside: lines, markings, panels; inside: lifejackets, helmets; etc) after studying several pictures.
  • The effects of adding a life jacket is a bit visible on different places of the body, but I can live with that :) It is something I can't change because it is part of the way te models are created
  • The white-grey colour was a bit of a guess because I couldn't retrieve the Federal Standard or RAL numbers for the colour. Hopefully it comes near the real thing :)
  • The patch of Coast Guard Dutch Caribbean on the right arm of the crew is a picure from the website I tried to contact the owner, but didn't succeed because of domainitems.
  • The Cobham patch is taken with permission and with thanks from the website