Icarus/Carlos Palacio AW139 SAR v2 BETA

This is the BETA for Icarus/Carlos Palacio's AW139 SAR version 2, made available for the community to test. Learn how you can help.

Icarus/Carlos Palacio AW139 v2 Beta

This version comes with a lot of both cosmetics and funcional updates and fixes such as:
  • operable door
  • detailed rotors
  • FLIR and search light which illuminates the ground
  • Revised screens
  • Improved FMS
  • Lots of other goodies (try to find them all!)

Please note that the documentation is still a work in progress so there's a lot of room to improve.

If you are a helicopter FSX/P3D fan, please download it and give it a try. Please use the comments section below to contact Carlos and let him know of any issues or questions you might have. Doing so will help him iron out any issues and further improve the model.

File information

File name AW139_2_0_SAR.zip
File size 305.1 MB
Downloads 3470
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Carlos Palacio

About Carlos Palacio

My name is Carlos Palacio and I'm nearly 40 years old. My relation with helicopters started when I joined the Spanish Air Force in 1997. First I worked as a helicopter mechanic and soon I promoted to officer and became a helicopter pilot.

I served as a Search and Rescue pilot for 9 years in the 802 Sqn. based in the Gando Air Base, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. I have logged more than 2000 flight hours, most of them in AS332 Super Puma and in off-shore operations.

I'm keen on flight simulators, which I use for my own training and I enjoy 'tweaking' helicopter models to make them more realistic. At this moment I'm developing an AW139 SAR model for FSX and P3D while studying a Master on Business Administration.


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