When asked about a joystick or joystick base for helicopters, the VIRPIL VPC MongoosT-50 CM3 is always on the shortlist I send to those who ask. Not only because of the quality of the base but also because of the clutch system, which allows us to remove the pesky centering spring.

In case you are wondering why we would do that, the quick answer is that it allows you to better control helicopters since you are not fighting the stick. And, in reality, there’s no actual “center” in a cyclic.

VIRPIL has been releasing some great products with options – the clutch on the CM3 being one of them – and the company has now announced they will be releasing a new version of the younger brother of the T-50 CM3, the VPC WatBRD. The VPC WarBRD-D builds on top of the previous version and VIRPIL has added a clutch system.

We don’t have any more details at this time or an estimated date of release but it’s great to have yet another option for our helicopter virtual cockpit.

Stay tuned as we will let you know more as soon as we find out ourselves.