Varjo Aero

You read it right.

Almost half.

The Varjo Aero was released back in 2021 and it has been used by the professional industry, by companies such as Loft Dynamics, which has certified its VR solution with EASA (using the Varjo headset).

The company heard the community, especially in their most vocal complaint: the price. The quality of the headset has always been recognized, but the price has always been a barrier. I mention that in my review, which you can check out here if you want to learn more about this headset.

They not only heard us but took action and they announced the Varjo Aero has now a new price. Instead of the $1,990/€1.990 (plus taxes), it now costs $990/€990 (plus taxes).

With this, Varjo hopes to “bring the highest-end virtual experiences within the reach of more visionaries, hardcore gamers, and ambitious VR users”.

You can buy the Varjo Aero at the company’s official website.