Taog's Hangar SA315 Lama for MSFS

Taog’s Hangar continues the quest for the classic, small helicopters from Aérospatiale. After the fantastic SA-316 Alouette III (one of my favorite helicopters in MSFS), we can now get the SA-315 Lama!

The Lama was developed from the Alouette II (how cool would it be if Taog’s Hangar made one of these?), being somewhat of a sibling to the Alouette III, since they share the same base.

Taog's Hangar SA315 Lama for MSFSTaog's Hangar SA315 Lama for MSFSTaog's Hangar SA315 Lama for MSFS

The Lama was developed specifically for hot and high operations. In fact, it has its origin in the need for the Nepalese Army Air Service and Indian Air Force to have a helicopter capable of flying in the Himalayas.

Taog's Hangar SA315 Lama for MSFS

So, don’t let its somewhat fragile looks deceive you. At least in its time, this thing was a small beast. Unfortunately, it’s being phased out around the world, obviously being replaced by better, more capable and safer helicopters, but she still has a place in the hearts of rotorheads.

Features list

  • Detailed exterior model
  • Detailed interior model
  • Exclusive sound package
  • Detailed animations of the different parts of the aircraft
  • More than a dozen attachments options
  • Detailed flight model
  • Wheel and float versions
  • 30 liveries

You can get the Taog’s Hangar SA-315 Lama for MSFS at Flightsim.to.