Taog's Hangar Alouette III for MSFS - 1.3 Update

The update includes a version with the Astazou engine, new sounds, the ability to see the pilot and co-pilot, and a lot more. Taog’s Hangar Alouette III was already pretty good, and it seems to get better over time, even while having other projects on its plate.

Taog's Hangar Alouette III for MSFS - 1.3 UpdateTaog's Hangar Alouette III for MSFS - 1.3 UpdateTaog's Hangar Alouette III for MSFS - 1.3 Update

If you don’t have Taog’s Hangar Alouette III for MSFS, you can get it here. Meanwhile, check out the changelog below and go update it if you are already a proud owner.


  • Added: New board to control the visibility of attachments (switches are not available anymore)
  • Added: Possibility to add weight for some of the bigger attachments through the weight panel
  • Added: Possibility to see Pilot and copilot's body in cabin + pilot's body animated to control surfaces
  • Added: New textures for all characters
  • Added: Bambi Bucket + water effect (still WIP not fully functional)
  • Added: New ASTAZOU engine attachment, to have the ASTAZOU turbine in place of the Artouste one
  • Added: Reworked outside turbine sounds with new recordings
  • Added: Tail rotor rotation sound
  • Updated: New thumbnails for better browsing of liveries
  • Updated: You can now choose between the right and left buckets visibility
  • Fixed: Turbine sound pitch and volume changing when lowering collective is not happening anymore
  • Fixed: Camera positions to reflect a more real sitting position
  • Fixed: Contact point for the tail guard added
  • Fixed: Floating red beacon light has been removed
  • Fixed: Trap door now still shows when open
  • Fixed: External power is available on the ground
  • Fixed: Position of the operator outside
  • Fixed: Skis are now looking like the real-life skis of the Alouette III
  • Fixed: Civilian texture tail rotor color fixed when rotating
  • Fixed: Horizontal stabilizers support beams removed
  • Fixed: Normal map is now 8K for more details
  • Fixed: Multiple minor fixes around the aircraft