Taog’s Hangar Alouette III for MSFS

A lot. The changelog, as you can see below, is huge and it includes some things pointed out by some real pilots out there – such as the possibility to remove the upper panel, further expanding visibility to the top (yes, EXPANDING – it is possible to open it up even more).

There’s also something that is very dear to me in this update, which is the inclusion of the last 2 liveries for the Portuguese Air Force version: the (now extinguished) ‘Rotores de Portugal’ aerobatics team and the old colonial war version. With these new liveries, you can now choose from 5 possible ones that were used by the PoAF.

Taog’s Hangar Alouette III for MSFSTaog’s Hangar Alouette III for MSFS

There’s also the addition of a few more customizable parts such as a weather radar radome and console, sling and an upgraded winch model.

Check out the changelog below and either get the Alouette III if you don’t have it yet or update it through the website you purchased it at.

Changelog for the Taog Alouete III v1.2.0 for MSFS

  • Flight Model : More Anti torque pedal authority, as advised by real world pilots
  • Added : New Sling Attachment
  • Added : New right side bucket attachment
  • Added : New Radar OMERA ORB-32 attachment outside/inside the cabin (non functionnal)
  • Added : New Engine cover attachment
  • Added : Possibility to remove doors individually
  • Added : New Winch 3D model and textures
  • Added : New upper panel 3D model and textures
  • Added : New textures for a lot objects around the cabin
  • Added : New 3D objects adding around the cabin
  • Added : New liveries x3, Intermountain Flight, and two from the Portugal Air Force
  • Added : New panel and cabin lightning
  • Added : New sound package for the startup sequence and cabin ambiant sound during flight
  • Fixed: The windshield is now free of the center roof piece for more visibility
  • Fixed : The mirror has now it’s own UV layout and will not get the paint from under the belly anymore
  • Fixed : Edges of the cabin structure that would show the exterior frame above the pilot are now fixed.
  • Fixed : Minor fixes of the edges on different parts of the canopy for a smoother look.
  • Fixed : Navigation lights now have right position
  • Fixed : Voltmeter now shows the correct value
  • Fixed : Turbine temp T4 now shows the correct values
  • Fixed : More accurate placing of the clock under the panel instead of above
  • Fixed : Left side bucket is now more to the rear to avoid conflict with hoist operations
  • Fixed : Attachments now take the fuselage colors
  • Removed : the side step attachment is removed as it was already broken and now side steps are immovable

Known issues

According to Taoe, “all these problems are being investigated and will be solved in the next updates”.

  • For the fuel flow lever, you must use the mouse to interact with it. MSFS for now does not give the possibility to bind this to any axis. MAKE SURE TO UNBIND ANY TWIST GRIP / THROTTLE, this will create unwanted behavior if not done.
  • Due to the nature of the startup for the Alouette III, it is NOT POSSIBLE to auto start with CTRL+E
  • Water interaction, float version uncontrollable in the water, unable to steer. Only settles once rpm low.
  • Pilot door makes no sound when closing