Sim Innovations Air Manager R22 Panel

The R22 and R44 panels are quite old additions to the Sim Innovations Air Manager catalog and the company decided to revamp it.

With the revamp, they were sure to make it compatible with the VSKYLABS R44 as well as the freeware R44 for MSFS.

Sim Innovations Air Manager R22 Panel

Air Manager is a software that allows you to use, create and/or edit custom panels that you can set up in a separate monitor for your aircraft. Sim Innovations, the company behind it, has a set of presets already and the R22/R44 panels have been available for quite some time – almost from the beginning if not actually from the beginning.

Sim Innovations is also the company behind Knobster, which I reviewed some time ago (and I can say I’m a bit of a fanboy about it as I use it all the time in VR). This is a company that has been releasing some great products and these upgrades are very much welcome.

Learn more about Air Manager at the official website and take a look at the Knobster (again, big fan here) as well. You can also take a look at the available panels here and here.