Sensoryx VRfree to be shipped soon

SensoryX is getting ready to start shipping the first batch of VRfree units to their backers and customers very soon -- as early as this month.

Sensoryx VRfree

The company has made a post at their IndieGogo page, explaining the current situation:

VRfree® production is in full swing and we are getting ready for final assembly! Production of the electronic components started back in September and we validated the assembled PCBs last month.

November is all about mounting the electronic components, flashing, final calibration and shipping.

The pieces of the puzzle are in placeaAs you can see from the pictures and we are doing everything we can to get your order to you as quickly as possible - but not before we have made sure everything is perfectly in order. So please stay tuned and: thank you very much already for your patience!

We are proud to have you as our backers and we will make sure you'll benefit from future product launches!

Working for you,

Team Sensoryx

When contacting Sensoryx, Fabien Wenner said that they were, indeed started setting everything in motion to "deliver the first few hundred units still this month, as all parts and components are in place".

Sensoryx VRfree

Sensoryx is working with companies such as Laminar Research, and in contact with ED (and probably IPACS as well?) so that their system better integrates with these sims. It seems Laminar Research has been very helpful about this matter. Let's hope other companies are as well, as Sensoryx depends on them to do a good job.

About Sensoryx

Learn more about Sensoryx at their official website.

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