Helicopters land everywhere. Right? The world is our helipad and there are a lot of challenges out there: oil rigs, mountains, confined environments (at least on some sims, that is), and boats.

Except we don’t have access to moving boats on all sims. Or the ones we do have are somewhat limited.

Seafront Simulations, the company that has been populating the virtual world of MSFS with vessels, is trying to solve that and they have shown some work being developed on this front.

In one of their most recent videos, Seafront Simulations shows a landing on a moving frigate, with the Hype Performance Group H145.

When asked about it, the company confirmed that it was, indeed one of their vessels, and they are working so that they can get the code stable and start working on other landable boats.

That is amazing news. I can’t wait to see some scientific platform boats, yachts, and perhaps even the Calypso! We will need an S-300, though!

Check out the video above and stay tuned as I’m sure Seafront Simulations will be doing (more) amazing stuff in the future!