Realteus ForceFeel to be released but with a delay

Potential clients have been waiting for the release of ForceFeel, after Gametrix stopped the production of their JetSeat line but shipping have been delayed.

Realteus explained this delay by indicating "the delay, which pushed back production about one month, was necessary to test out the types of artificial leather used on the seat to ensure the thermal characteristics of the gaming pad would provide users with the best-simulated gaming experience possible. With the extended production time, the manufacturing facility was able to guarantee a worthy product to be put on the market."

Basically, Realteus has been working hard to make the ForceFeel a better product. Nonetheless, yet another issue has risen and their logistics/distribution center is also slowing things down: "[...] there will, unfortunately, be a delay in shipping orders as the logistics centre has recently been forced to relocate in central Europe".

Realteus hope to have all this solved soon. Some units will still be shipped but not at the speed the company hoped for.