Pro Flight Trainer Puma - X-Plane settings

Pro Flight Trainer has made an update available at their website (scroll down and look for X-Plane 11 PUMA joystick pre-configured file v4.9 or X-Plane 11 Puma TBM joystick pre-configured file v4.7 if you are using a pre-production mod with toe brakes.).

If you are having issues, this may help you. If you are not having any issues, there's no need for you to do anything as this files bring nothing new.

Here's what you need to do. I recommend you close X-Plane first:

  • Download and open the zip file;
  • Head out to your X-Plane 11\Resources\joystick configs folder (the location of your X-Plane 11 folder will vary so you'll have to use your own, of course);
  • Delete all the existing Pro Flight Trainer files (you can check the list below);

  • Unzip all the files from the zip you downloaded from the PFT website into this folder;
  • Start X-Plane and enter the Joystick Settings window;
  • On the bottom-left corner, hit the "Reset to Defaults for" button;
  • Re-calibrate and re-assign your axis and buttons;

This should do the trick.