Pro Flight Trainer launches toe brakes for the Puma

The company is finally releasing a mod that allows both new and old users of the Pro Flight Trainer Puma to add toe brakes to their sets.

Pro Flight Trainer Puma Toe Brakes

This has been one of the most sought out features for the kit and, as of May 1st, they can be ordered directly from the Pro Flight Trainer website .

This modification will cost $99 on a new set and $99 + shipping if you already own a kit and just want to add this feature do a unit you already own.

Pro Flight Trainer Puma Toe Brakes Pro Flight Trainer Puma Toe Brakes Pro Flight Trainer Puma Toe Brakes

Here’s the official word on the Tow Brake Modification (TMB), as well as an installation video.

The TBM is a 3D PLA+ printed kit that can be installed effortlessly on any Puma.

The kit includes all you need to add spring loaded toe brakes to the push-pedals, featuring individual axis for Left and Right brakes.

The kit can be ordered as a standalone order for post modification, or can be ordered with any new Puma PAS or RTF.

General Features:

  • Independent left and right spring loaded Toe Brakes
  • Variable brake signal (not just on/off operation)
  • Compatible with all Puma units
  • Plug & Play as with any Pro Flight Trainer products
  • Custom down-loadable .joy file for easy X-Plane 11 setup

Toe Brake Modification Kit includes:

  • Left and right 3D PLA+ printed Toe Brakes
  • Mounting hardware and wiring
  • New pedal tube end caps
  • Installation instructions


For more information, don’t forget to visit the Pro Flight Trainer website after May 1st.

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