Dual-throttle (as an option), hall sensors and a lot more functions assignable through buttons, switches and hats. That alone is exciting and it reflects a few of the features that have been requested by users.

Pro Flight Trainer Puma 5th Generation features list

  • PUMA X2 variant available as an option - twin engine/dual twist grip
  • TBM Toe Brake Modification Kit available as an option
  • Frame design ready for optional damper modification on Pedals and Collective axis
  • Sturdy steel and aluminum frame – industrial grade wrinkle texture powder coating for durable protection
  • Controls can be adjusted to ergonomically match your needs, with our all new “limitless choice of angle” system
  • Foldable cyclic for easy storage
  • All new electronics with high resolution and high accuracy hall sensors, developed inhouse
  • Maintenance friendly and customer accessible sensors for easy repair to guarantee 10 years+ usage.
  • All new Collective Box including 2x 4way hats, 2 toggle switches, 2 push-buttons, 3 zone toggle.
  • Inclined collective box and cyclic grip for ergonomically high fidelity position
  • Hats upgradable to function as 8-way
  • Hats and switches shape coded for perfect VR Integration
  • No need to leave the controls at anytime during VR sessions with 3 zones boosting over 30 assignable functions

Pro Flight Trainer Puma v5Pro Flight Trainer Puma v5Pro Flight Trainer Puma v5