Parallel 42 SimFX for MSFS

Parallel 42 (//42) is one of those companies that not only do we never know what they’ll come up with next, but everything they release seems to be a hit on the nail.

The company’s been teasing one of its next products, SimFX, which, simplistically, can be described as “a global visual effects add-on for MSFS”, but //42 says “it's more than that” as “it contains the core code required for our future individual hand-crafted Immersion Packs”!

Parallel 42 SimFX for MSFS

Above: waves are actually 3D!

The images //42 has been showing around are very interesting as they demonstrate the capabilities of this addon for both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. And, let me be honest even if a bit biased, I believe it shines with helicopters.

The effects added will allow us to visualize dust and water as it’s being pushed around by air from propellers and rotors, allowing us to get beautiful images such as the ones you can see here.

Parallel 42 SimFX for MSFS

As mentioned above, SimFX will work for ”both [fixed-wing] aircraft and helicopters” and the even better news is that it will work on “both default, and third party” aircraft.

//42 says that their VFX in the FSX/Prepar3D world “continues to be the gold standard” and that they feel “it's time to add another notch to the belt with MSFS”.