ORBX released ENAL Ålesund Vigra airport for P3D

Jun 24, 2020 | by Sérgio Costa

ORBX revisits the northern part of Europe.

The Northern part of Europe offers amazing scenery and Norway, with its fjords is a stunning place to visit.

ORBX has released an airport in the Western part of the country, an area filled with islands that makes the scenery very interesting. Ålesund Vigra airport was just released and, despite not having any helipads, it’s still a wonderful region to fly at, especially since the company has added a lot of great points of interest. All in amazing 7cm ground texture!

ORBX released ENAL Ålesund Vigra airport for P3D

Here’s the official press-release:

Welcome to Ålesund Vigra Airport, the latest Norwegian destination from Finn Hansen!

A complete package for P3Dv4 & v5 that encompasses both the airport and surrounding islands and terrain, Ålesund is a scenic holiday destination situated near the entrance of several major Fjords.

Ålesund Vigra is a major Norwegian airport, with legacy, low-cost and charter carriers flying to destinations across Europe. Whilst most commonly served by single-aisle favourites such as the A320, 737NG, CRJ, ATR and Dash-8, the airport has also hosted both 757 and 767 aircraft on the rarest of occasions.

Aside from flights to Oslo, Bergen, Copenhagen, Trondheim and Amsterdam, Vigra Airport is also a short flight away to favourite Orbx Scandinavian destinations including Notodden, Hammerfest, Scandinavian Mountains Airport, Gothenburg and Stockholm-Arlanda.

As a scenery project that harnesses the latest P3D technology and features, Finn has gone above and beyond to create an ultra-detailed depiction of this well-known location.

Experience beautiful over-water approaches (special care has been given to the tone and colour of the waterbody textures), explore the numerous islands, harbours and inlets included in the coverage, or visit several of the surrounding peaks.

Many points of interest have been modeled, including the Giske Island Bridge and the rather unusual Subsea 7 North Sea Spoolbase. Stunning ultra-high resolution 7cm ground textures have been hand-edited across all seasons, and Finn has also included 3D snow tech for the coldest months of the year.

Much like other recent projects such as Burbank, Rejika and Boulder City, extra attention has been given to creating detailed unique GSE, vehicles and boats solely for this project, ensuring a truly authentic and immersive experience.

Ålesund has been intentionally designed to be compatible with either Global Base, Orbx Norway or OpenLC Europe (nb - Global Base is a prerequisite for OLC EU), with blending, seasonal variations, custom 10m mesh, vector and terrain edits covering all potential base-scenery combinations.

For users who fly with Orbx Norway, it is notable that Ålesund Cityscape - a primary focus feature of our Norway Region - nestles immediately adjacent the airport coverage area.

Key Features

  • Complete depiction of Ålesund Vigra Airport, Norway and surrounding islands
  • Ultra high-detail rendition of the the airport
  • Advanced materials including PBR
  • 7cm ground imagery around the airport
  • Extensive coverage area at 60cm
  • Ultra-HD unique GSE, boats and vehicles exclusive to Ålesund
  • Custom 10m DEM, re-worked coastlines, roads, landclass and more
  • Numerous POI
  • Subsea 7 North Sea Spoolbase and Giske Bridge
  • Hand-placed autogen & complete seasonal variations
  • Advanced 3D snow tech around the airport
  • Popular tourist destination
  • Close to Notodden, Hammerfest, Scandinavian Mountains Airport and Gothenburg
  • Designed for P3Dv4 & P3Dv5 to blend seamlessly with Orbx Norway or Global Base
  • Carefully optimized for very high performance using the latest techniques
  • The latest project from Norwegian developer Finn Hansen


ORBX released ENAL Ålesund Vigra airport for P3D ORBX released ENAL Ålesund Vigra airport for P3D ORBX released ENAL Ålesund Vigra airport for P3D ORBX released ENAL Ålesund Vigra airport for P3D ORBX released ENAL Ålesund Vigra airport for P3D ORBX released ENAL Ålesund Vigra airport for P3D ORBX released ENAL Ålesund Vigra airport for P3D ORBX released ENAL Ålesund Vigra airport for P3D ORBX released ENAL Ålesund Vigra airport for P3D ORBX released ENAL Ålesund Vigra airport for P3D

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