ORBX BuildingsHD coming to FSX and P3D will feature helipads

The company is dramatically improving autogen with their new product, Buildings HD, and they have a very nice treat for the helicopter flight simulation community.

While at FlightSimExpo 2019, one of the first things Bill Womack told me when I met him was that he was working on something cool for the rotorheads out there.

As he is involved in ORBX’s new product, BuildingsHD – which “overhauls the autogen buildings throughout the world with all-new, 4K, regionally-accurate textures and FPS-friendly 3D models.” – he told me he was adding 3 types of buildings with helipads on top.

This will make it so that these helipads may appear on different cities scattered around the world. While it may not be 100% realistic (or realistic at all in some cities), it still adds a certain flair to the product and gives us a bit of a challenge.

Since we are talking about autogen, we will never know if the city we are flying at has any of these buildings or where is it that they are. It will be a bit of a scavenging hunt, but it can become something fun for you to do.

ORBX is listening, folks. They are a perfect example of a company that listens to the community and understands that, with a bit of investment, they can cater to a whole slice (albeit small) of the community.

Thank you ORBX. Thank you, Bill.

Enjoy the screenshots below and stay tuned for any more information we may get about ORBX BuildingsHD.

ORBX BuildingsHD for FSX and P3DORBX BuildingsHD for FSX and P3DORBX BuildingsHD for FSX and P3D

From left to right:

  1. downtown Berlin, Germany
  2. Nairobi, Kenya
  3. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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