Microsoft and Asobo had their first Developer Presentation of 2024 and talked about Sim Update 15 and what’s coming. One of the features was... Helicopters!

Sebastian Wloch talked about the update and what we are getting on the next update and not only he confirmed that helicopters will take advantage of the improvements in ground effect, but also about other aerodynamic features and effects such as translational lift.

The focus of that part of the presentation, though, was multi-rotor support!

Sim Update 15 will bring multi-rotor support (there’s a limit of 2 rotors right now) and they will work together as they should, through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

With this update, tandem (CH-47 Chinook), coaxial (Ka-32), and intermeshing rotors will be possible. The only limitation right now – besides the number of rotors, is the fact that the rotors cannot move or rotate, like for example, in the V-22 Osprey. But Sebastian said that will be coming later.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim Update 15 is slated to be released in March 2024.