MaxFlightStick released version 4 of their Huey Controls

The manufacturer is releasing the latest iteration of one of their best-selling systems, tested by real Huey pilots.

MaxFlightStick Huey Controls v4

MaxFlightStick’s Huey kit has quite an history already. The original kit was developed and built with the help of 3 army helicopter pilots and the company has been improving the kit since then, always with the help of those that know and fly the real deal.

Version 4.0, which should be available starting next week, builds upon its ancestors as MaxFlightStick is trying to match the real controls “in terms of feel, function and durability”.

The features list is quite impressive, and, for a semi-pro/pro level system, it comes with a price tag that may be a bit high for a lot of simmers, but, just like any quality controls, it ends up being an investment for those that are either “serious” simmers or professionals.

The MaxFlightStick Huey v4 set is available for the same price as version 3 (US$2,280.00) at the company’s website.

Until then, you can check out the features list and the amazing photos of the kit.

  • Dimensions acquired from the actual aircraft
  • All round adjustable like the real thing
  • Tested and approved by an air force Huey commander
  • Cyclic: 4 x push buttons and 1 x 8-way hat switch
  • Collective: 4 x switches, 1 x push button, 1 x trigger, and 1 x 8-way hat switch
  • Rudder equipped with high quality Japan made ball joints, ball bearings and our inhouse pistons
  • 5 x Custom pistons provide realistic forces for all inputs (force data provided by military)
  • All round material reinforcements since Version 3.0 designed for rough heavy flight inputs
  • Hall sensors for all axis
  • Plug and Play with 1 USB connection
  • Compatible with Windows XP to Win10, Mac OS, DCS, X-Plane, FSX, P3D, War Thunder, FlightGear and all flying PC games / Flight simulators!

Photos of the MaxFlightStick Huey v4 control set

MaxFlightStick Huey Controls v4MaxFlightStick Huey Controls v4MaxFlightStick Huey Controls v4

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