Max Flight Stick H145-2023

Max Flight Stick (MFS) has been on fire lately with the release of several different products such as the controls for the Bell 407, Mi-24 or the Mi-8, for example.

On the latest news we published on the Bell 407 controls, I added a small teaser at the end saying MFS had something else coming out and here it is. The company has released a control set for the H145.

Max Flight Stick H145-2023Max Flight Stick H145-2023

As with other MFS kits, just note that the pedals are not replica of the ones in the real helicopter. Max Flight Stick usually only adds the “inverted L” type of pedals, so make sure you are aware and check it out before buying it.

H145-2023 Max features

  • All dimensions are acquired from the actual aircraft
  • Cyclic: 1.ICS/radio, 2.Reset, 3. AP UM OFF, 4.Trim release, 5. Beep Trim, 6. AP/bkup cut, 7. AP/bkup on, 8.Spare, 9. Spare, 10. Spare, 11. AP GTC
  • Collective: 1. Bambi dump, 2.Cable cut, 3.S/L LT/MIR/HISL (3-way), 4. DIM/FOC/STOW (2-way with Push), 5. S/L LT/LDG LT (4-way) 6. ORIENT CTL/IR/VIS (4-way with Push) 7. Beep Trim (4-way), 8.GA (push), 10. Fill Floats (push), 11. OEI HI/LO (push), 12. TRIM REL (push), 13.Spare, 14.Wiper
  • Rudder equipped with solid metal rudder pedals, high quality ball joints, ball bearings and our in house pistons x2
  • 6 x Custom pistons provide realistic feeling for all control inputs
  • Hall effect sensors for all axis
  • Compatible with Windows XP to Win10, Mac OS, DCS, MSFS2020, FSX, X-Plane, P3D, FlightGear, WarThunder, and all flying PC game / Flight simulator!
  • Plug and Play with 1 USB connection