Komodo Simulations new cyclic grips

One of the big issues we have with helicopter controls is the fact that production is usually done on a small scale – and, very often, a rather manual process.

Since scale economy doesn’t work for us, smaller manufacturers are forced to sell their products at higher prices – and they know it, trust me.

These manufacturers are usually trying to find ways to decrease the price and Komodo Simulations has been doing exactly that.

The company has managed to change its production pipeline and, by doing so, the manufacturing cost has decreased.

Komodo is passing those savings to customers and the company has indicated to us that the prices of their cyclic grips and collectives are now reduced by (around) £200, or the equivalent in your currency. That means a £400(not exactly this but around this amount) save if you buy a cyclic and a collective from the company.

You can check out Komodo Simulations products on their website.