Komodo Simulations TEDAC for AH-64 Apache

Apache crews will probably get their eyebrows raised. Komodo Simulations has been hard at work in the development of a TEDAC (TADS Electronic Display and Control), the modernized replacement for the Optical Relay Tube (ORT) located in the co-pilot/gunner (CPG) station of the AH-64 Apache.

The Komodo Simulations TEDAC controller is a complete stand alone unit that is fully compatible with the DCS Apache Module.

All functions can be fully mapped into DCS. It comes with dual hand grips, color monitor and screen switch surround. It uses a single USB with an HDMI and power connection for the screen.

The left grip has a dual stage trigger, dual axis cursor with centre push and 26 other switch functions. The right grip also has a dual stage trigger, dual axis cursor and 22 other switch functions.

The screen surround has 2 dials, a 3 position switch along with 21 other switch functions.

The unit also comes with a desk mount to secure it to your sim pit. Can be bought with the screen
or without for VR use.

The Komodo TEDAC can be acquired with or without a screen and the price will change accordingly, or course. If you prefer to buy the fill kit (with a screen), it will set you back £1150.00 plus shipping and VAT. Without a screen, you are looking at £100 less: £1050.00 plus shipping and VAT.

Komodo Simulations TEDAC for AH-64 ApacheKomodo Simulations TEDAC for AH-64 Apache

Komodo has shown the first photos and also a video of the product and you can see it here in the article. In the video you can see the TEDAC screen being fed by DCS.

You can order the Komodo TEDAC at Komodo’s website. The company is already starting to deliver the first pre-order units.