K-51 Collective

Make no mistake, this IS a low cost collective. Don’t expect a highly polished resin model or anything like that.

The K-51 collective is being produced to be usable and it looks sturdy. But the plastic parts are noticeable 3D-printed. Not that it will make a difference for those that want something practical – and affordable. Most of the collective is built out of metal, though.

The collective comes with a twist-grip that acts as the throttle and a few buttons, switches and 4-way hats:

  • 2 4-way hats
  • 3 push buttons
  • 2 ON-ON switches
  • 1 ON-OFF-ON switch
  • 1 axis (on the side)

The axis on the side of the collective head is actually quite interesting. It seems some clients that looked at the K-51 asked for a way to control the zoom and other features that are controlled easier with an axis. And K-51 responded by giving just that to them.

The base of the collective has a damper system which allows he collective to stay in place. This damper system can be adjusted so you can set the amount of strength necessary to move the collective.

Another cool feature is the ability to mount the collective to a chair or any other structure, using the bracket included in the kit. The design of the base and bracket provides the ability to adjust it up/down, forward/backward and sideways. This allows you to position the device in a comfortable position.

The USB-B cable connector is located on the front of the base, which is smart as it prevents the cable from being twisted accidentally and slightly reduces the length of the cable.

Electronics and software

According to K-51, “the collective electronic part includes: a controller, a digital non-contact magnetic sensor (located in the base) and an additional expansion board (in the collective head).

K-51 also told us that the electronics used are of professional grade, used in other joysticks and pedals.

The collective comes fully configured, calibrated and flashed. All toggle switch positions can be assigned to buttons in all sims.

Where to buy it

Unfortunately, K-51 has no website yet but you can contact them by email at sermaik34@gmail.com.

The K-51 collective costs €200,00 (US$220.00) + shipping from Russia.

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