Are you a fan of horror movies? So is Parallel 42! And with the 42nd anniversary of one of the scariest movies of all time, the team had to take the chance to release something… Spooky!

The company is to visit 42CL Camp Crystal Lake. As they put it, “Camp Crystal Lake is to Jason what Elm St. is to Freddy Kreuger”.

Parallel 42 Camp Crystal Lake for MSFS

In their post, they go on by telling the story: “On a stormy night in 1980, 12 friends were killed. Why should 2022 be any different? It’s rumored that Jason was eventually buried on site…and yearly, some of the most infamous will gather on the grounds to celebrate his life.

Horror has many faces, death wears many different masks, but pure evil wears only one. And this is your chance to see it in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Prepare your drones. Will you find Jason dead or alive?

This is the one you’ve been waiting for. The one you’ve been asking for. The one you’ve been dying for. But don’t take our word for it!”

Parallel 42 Camp Crystal Lake for MSFS

Parallel 42 (//42) has added a helipad to the scenery but they are leaving us with a warning: “keep your eye on the pad as you approach, things may not be what they seem... Caution! Threat reported nearby”. That sounds menacing!

//42 is releasing this scenery, for free for the community. You can get it between October 28-31 exclusively on Orbx and for the PC.

Parallel 42 Camp Crystal Lake for MSFSOn and they have a nice giveaway as well! The first 13 brave pilots that find Jason alive on-site can win some juicy stuff. More details will be available on the official website which will go live on October 27. The page is now up!

In case you don’t know //42, these folks have been developing some amazing helicopter-friendly scenery. In the real world, the infamous "Flying Cowboys" can often be found hanging out with their helo friends landing at local bush strips. Check them out here!