It’s been quite some time since we last heard about Airland Helicopters. The last time we heard about it was a couple of years ago, in March 2021 when we got some new screenshots and the promises of some news about the platform “soon”.

But we all know “soon” is a relative term when it comes to software development and we are hearing more about Airland after quite a bit of time. But there is big news.

First of all, Airland Helicopters are still happening but in a slightly different form. Fred has announced there is now a sandbox platform, called Airland World, which will allow everyone to create their own “games and experiences anywhere on Earth”.

Airland World will bring templates that we can use to start our own projects for different genres such as flight simulators, driving games, action RPGs, survival games, FPS, etc. The world will be fully editable and both LUA and C++ code will be possible as well.

Fred also says the platform will have its own marketplace so everyone can sell their creations through the Airland store. A closed alpha version is planned for June 2023.

All right and what about Airland Helicopters?

Well, that is going to be a product built on top of Airland World. See it as a mod, a module, or an addon, whatever you want to call it.

As previously planned you will play the role of a rescue pilot in New Zealand’s diverse and challenging landscape. The entire country of New Zealand will be available and we will be allowed to “walk, drive and fly across the island to perform several rescue missions in single or multiplayer”.

To help new helicopter pilots, it will feature both arcade and simulation modes. It will also be possible to expand it through a DLC system to cover other vehicles and areas of the world.

The release of Airland Helicopters – or at least a beta, is planned for 2024.

You can learn more about Airland World and Airland Helicopters here.