Among the updates, there is a new feature users have been asking for.

  • MSFS FlyBy Camera added [Beta]
  • MSFS HPG H145 Helicopter Advanced Support : lights, doors, engine switches
  • Cut and edit the replay directly in FlightControlReplay
  • File Compression technology : reduced disk space for .FCR user files
  • Enhanced User Interface : 1 new layout added as mid-size user interface, either buttons or icons bar styles now available
  • Enhanced landing report

FlightControlTools also sent us a description of the featured functionalities.

Flyby camera added (beta)

Awaited by many users of Microsoft Flight Simulator, this brand new Replay feature that was missing is LIVE. You can now watch your own aircraft evolving on ground and in the air from an external camera that follows your position automatically. It works anywhere, with any aircraft and with any add-on scenery during Replay. The User can customize the position, side, angle, distance and length of camera sequence.

During taxi operations, at takeoff or landing, or while you are cruising, fly-by camera mode will jump from a position to another along your flight trajectory to keep your aircraft always in sight with a cinematic performance! No more hassles in setting a virtual spotter view, a button click and you are set to watch!

Cut replay directly in-tool

For a quick edit of your Replay, to remove a useless part of your Replay, you don’t need a complicated video edition software. Just cut off the part upon your selection. Do you want to forget a mistake ? Or eliminate a parking time of your Replay ?

In just 3 clicks, select when starts and ends the sequence to delete, and SAVE it!

File compression technology

For Users who like to record long Replays, or even complete flights, Summer23 Updates comes with a new compression technology for your *.FCR recording files. The files size is much reduced, and it’s of course without any loss of flight data or visual quality. Save more space on your disk!

HPG H145 v2 advanced support for replay

The great helicopter of HyperPerformanceGroup H145 V2 for MSFS had already a partial custom support. It’s now extended to provided an Advanced Support for the best accuracy during Replay :

  • NEW : lights, doors, engine switches are now also correctly reproduced
  • Since the last March23 Update :
    • Pedals, cyclic and collective
    • Tablet in 3D virtual cockpit can display FlightControlReplay integrated interface for a direct control directly from the simulator.

Enhanced user interface

The customizable User Interface of FlightControlReplay 5 gets a step further. You could already select among three sizes of the layout, set it transparent, or ensure it remains always on top of other windows. Plus, the MSFS integrated interface to let you control the main features directly from your simulator without switching windows.

Now, I added another mid-size User Interface : you can cycle between a reduced version with the Menu, or a reduced version with the feature icons for a quick access still using a limited area of your screen.

Also, keep in mind that users of version 4.5 can also upgrade at a discount.

Visit FlightControlTools’ website to get the new version.