Cowan Simulation 500E for MSFS - XBox

Yes, I know, I may be a couple of days late to the party. Real life sometimes gets in the way.

Anyway, what’s important is the news itself and it’s rather amazing for those that own an XBox and want to fly helicopters. You know have yet another one to choose from.

The Cowan Simulation 500E is available on the marketplace and you can get it there on both PC and XBox.

It’s time to play Magnum PI for our XBox friends!

Oh and if you do get it for XBox, do make sure to leave a review at the brand new website from our reader, community member and friend, Toni Quiñonero, XAddonReviews.

If you are a PC user and rather give your support to Cowan Simulation (and get Joshua to receive all the money instead of losing the marketplace cut) you can always buy the 500E for MSFS directly to him.