Yes, Cera Sim is back. No, they never left, really, but they have been doing stuff in the background and we recently heard they are working on a Mi-17 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. They were even kind enough to send us some new screenshots for us to show the community. I love when developers approach us to share their stuff as it allows us to help them a bit more.

Cera Sim went a bit further and asked us for help. They asked us to run a survey for them, asking the community which helicopter(s) they should work on in the future.

In the survey, which you can find here, you will be able to cast your vote on 5 helicopters and rate them from 1 (the one you prefer the most) to 5 (the one you prefer the least).

Cera Sim will consider our preferences when planning for one (or more) of the next helicopters for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Again, in case you missed it, here is the link to the Cera Sim survey.