Cera Sim Bell 412 (old model)

The AW109, Bell 212, Bell 412, EC155/AS365 and the UH-60M where the contenders.

Cera Sim asked us to rate them from 1 to 5 and, out of this list, the helicopter with the highest score would win.

639 simmers responded to the call to action during the last 2 months and the community has spoken: the Bell 412 is going to be the next bird to be developed by Cera Sim.

Here’s the full list, by order of score/votes:

  1. Bell 412
  2. AW109
  3. EC155/AS365
  4. UH-60M
  5. Bell 212

I have to say it was quite a surprise to me, especially because, for some time, the AW109 was at the top of the list but, eventually the Bell 412 surpassed it. And, I have to say, it wasn’t a comfortable win. The Bell 412 and the AW109 were pretty much neck to neck on this one.

But a winner has to rise and, in this case, it was the venerable, veteran, Bell 412.

Cera Sim Bell 412 (old model)

Cera Sim is still working on updating the Mi-17, but they will start work on the Bell 412, with a “more detailed 3D model”. Which, by the way, is not the one you can see in this article. That is just an illustrative image of the old model.