Blackbird simulations promise quite a realistic and feature-rich helicopter.

Colin talked about the origin of the project, which comes from the Air Force (it’s quite an interesting story) and we get to know that the flight model – which is fully custom – comes from the company’s work with the TH-1H.

Aerodynamic effects such as retreating blade stall, vortex ring state, translational tendencies, and proper autorotations are to be expected.

A date of release was not indicated but the company says it’s “close” and Blackbird Simulations confirms it will work on the XBox.

I have been trying her out as I am part of the beta team – as are a couple of other folks who have cooperated with in the past (I won’t name them right now) and I can confirm she is shaping up really nicely.

You can see the segment with the Huey here. And, please keep in mind that this is still a Work in Progress.