RKM / Apex Simulations AH-64 Guardian for MSFS

Apex Simulations have announced that they are working to bring the AH-64 Guardian to Microsoft’s latest version of their sim.

This will be a payware product and, on post on a Facebook group, Rhys Brown talked about the partnership and shared a list of features:

  • Handful of liveries, both Demo Liveries as well as several active service liveries all in 4k!
  • Working rockets, front 35MM cannon
  • Functional nose camera, that also controls the front mounted 35mm cannon
  • Wwise sounds
  • Functional engine, GPS, TFLIR screens
  • Custom downwash effects
  • Realistic fight model (yes you can do it all just like it’s the real thing!)
  • Fully functional cockpit
  • had a rough flight and took some damage? no worries open up the engine access panel and take a look to see what's broken!
  • and much more!

RKM / Apex Simulations AH-64 Guardian for MSFS

The Apex Simulations AH-64 Guardian should hit the virtual shelves at the end of this year (2023) but the team is not setting that date on stone yet, so be patient if that doesn’t happen. It’s usually for a very good reason!

RKM/Apex Simulations AH-64 Guardian

About the possibility of having the Apache Guardian on XBox, the team says it depends on how much they can “strip the helicopter of the weapons”.

RKM/Apex Simulations AH-64 GuardianRKM/Apex Simulations AH-64 Guardian

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