Ethics Policy

The main purpose of this policy is to preserve the neutrality stands for and the integrity it provides in all aspects of its content.

Every collaborator is expected to read these rules carefully and abide by them.

Writers who cover news should not play the market, meaning they can not conduct in any kind of estimations with personal interest or information. This could create exploitation of information that is not publicly declared. Collaborators who contribute to covering similar subjects are also subjected to this rule.

Good judgment, privacy, and professionalism are the main ideals to stick with when posting on the website and on other social media channels. is a multinational project that addresses a large number of followers. Every post should be thought of to the last detail as every post goes out to global audiences. Perception is a very important part of this process and we expect everyone who is part of to act accordingly with common sense at all times.

Posts should be non-partial and neutral at all times. They are expected to keep their content and posts in compliance with the company policy and be respectful, unbiased, and authentic. Avoiding inappropriate, violent, and biased content is a must for all outlets connected to

Getting permission before publishing an image or a video is necessary as a result of the copyright and trademark laws.