SmartCopilot profile for the VSKYLABS Cabri G2 for X-Plane

This file is a profile settings file to be used with SmartCopilot. With SmartCopilot you can share your cockpit with other pilots in X-Plane.

You can get SmartCopilot here.

Thanks and credits

Shalomar - for help with testing the file

docpan and Zone at the SC Config Garage - for guidance and troubleshooting help (anyone interested in learning how to make configs should absolutely get in touch with the SC Config Garage, they're responsible for many of the configs that are out there)

JetManHuss - for being willing to engage and offer help

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David Hayward

About David Hayward

A helicopter enthusiast since before I knew what they actually were (growing up near the Westland plant in Yeovil, UK), and now a flight sim enthusiast with a VR headset welded to my face. Hoping to help bring the shared cockpit experience to fellow Helisimmers by creating Smartcopilot config files for X Plane's many helicopters, along with fellow community members of the Smartcopilot Config Garage. Can be contacted via forum (username is BrrtReynolds).


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