Krabi Outback for X-Plane

Some of you might have recognized the project Krabi Outback - a scenery I was working on the last few months after Bamboo Island and Ko Poda Island.

Krabi Outback for X-Plane

The scenery is located in Thailand and a extension of reality. Its Part 3 of my personal playground - a sandbox to try out what i have learned so far in Scenery Design.

Although this semifictional scenery has been awaited for a long time in the ORG forum, I have decided to favor the HeliSimmer community by publishing the project exclusively via for many reasons. But mainly because of all the groups that I met over the time, I consider them the best. Familiar, responsive, humorous and technically specialized. Since I have no money to donate, I  would like to give the community something back. A scenery optimized for HeliSimmers with many Details to explore and more than 15 helipads to land on.

Krabi Outback for X-PlaneKrabi Outback for X-PlaneKrabi Outback for X-PlaneKrabi Outback for X-Plane

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Stefan Schroen

About Stefan Schroen

Stefan is a designer and repainter who started his passion with FS2004 and has been creating repaints and sceneries for X-Plane since 2017.
He is addicted to visual storytelling and swimming against the tide is his way of getting around. Since 2018, Stefan is also an official
team member of Cami De Bellis, with whom he shares the same love for tropical areas and out-of-the-ordinary airports. He is a representative
of the CDB Library and keeper of the "freeware idea" behind it . His activity turns him unfortunately also into a bad pilot.


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