Dodosim Bell 206 ZK-TWK

FSX Bell B206 Repaint for the DodoSim LowSkid version. This colour scheme was released around 1972 by the Bell Helicopter Company in a promotional brochure showing it flying over New York City. Late in 1973 I built and flew a 5 foot rotor span radio controlled model in these colours and successfully flew it for several years. It was featured on Television and local newspapers during that time. The registration  - ZK-TWK  -  has not been allocated to an aircraft or helicopter in New Zealand at this time, and is therefore fictional, but refers to my initials.

Dodosim Bell 206 ZK-TWK

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Warren King

About Warren King

Have been a flight simmer since PC's became available in the early 1980's. Currently running a rig comprising 5 networked computers with 9 monitors, which run 4 copies of FSX Gold. My main interest is of course helicopters, but also enjoy flying GA aircraft. Favorite chopper is the Dodosim Bell 206, and aircraft MAAM DC3, and Carenado Beechcraft B58 Baron.

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