Dave Amenta, the lead developer for Hype Performance Group, got in touch with me recently about the upcoming H160 for Microsoft Flight Simulator (don’t forget it will be out in a couple of days, if you’re reading this article when it’s published).

Dave wanted to nudge me regarding the new flight model that the H160 is shipping with, tweaked by another team member, and that he thought I would probably enjoy.  Not only that, but he also wanted to let me know about what settings he would recommend for my controls, the Pro Flight Trainer Puma X2.

To access the settings, you have to use the tablet on the cockpit and click the “Aircraft” button.

Hype Performance Group H160 for MSFS - Tablet

Once here, you will need to change the following:

  • Cyclic
    • Cyclic Control -> No Springs
    • SAS Stability Level -> -80
  • Tail Rotor Control
    • SAS Stability Level -> -80

Hype Performance Group H160 for MSFS - Settings

Dave also asked me to check out the flight model with the SAS (Stability Augmentation System) disabled to enjoy the flight model in a “pure” state. All you need to do is hit the 4 buttons on the center console: [A. TRIM], [BKUP], [AP 1], and [AP 2].

Hype Performance Group H160 for MSFS - Disable SAS and Autopilot

And, I have to say, the flight model is quite good! A noticeable evolution from the H145.

Thanks to Dave for the tips. I hope it helps some of you as well!