The update is comprised of a series of improvements and fixes and it's quite a long list:

  • Correlator now has debug mode, presets and customization
  • Fixed Garmin430 and Radio turning off while changing livery with different radio equipment
  • Improved rotor blur mesh uv and texture
  • Fixed main rotor mast length, was inaccurate
  • Improved clutch cap manipulator
  • Added deltatime smoothing for spring algorithm, this will avoid spring weird interactions when computer is processing something in background
  • Deltatime will pause when helicopter is not rendering, like when user is at rendering window or airport selection
  • Improved rotor decay time after shutdown
  • Improved per blade pull force on blade tie system, this might avoid the wagwag effect when cursor is close to link point
  • Rotor_brake dataref is set to 0 when engine is running, should be good for those who fly with FSEconomy
  • Fixed sound not pausing when going to config windows of X-Plane
  • Improved DreamEngine process loop registering, I believe some sound issues was related to this
  • Increased comm radio font size by 20% for better visibility from pilot pov
  • Improve blade flap on tight turns and descent
  • Slightly increased the gnormal influence on vibrations

This update should be available at any time and you will need to download it again from the store where you purchased it.

Download the 4K panel texture for the S300CBi

The 4K panel texture for the S300CBi is already available and you get get them here.