A lot of you have already seen the videos made by the company, like the DCS Huey Accuracy Test (part 1 and part 2) by our own Joe Hudson.

Well, PFT and Joe are back to show us everything about X-Trident's 412 and how he uses it to practice some IFR. If you don't recall it, Joe's a real military pilot so he knows his stuff and choosing the 412 being his go-to aircraft for instrument training is an obviously (and huge) thumbs up for this helicopter.

These tests were developed by PFT so that real pilots can compare the virtual counterparts with real helicopters. If you are looking for a way to realize how realistic a certain addon helicopter for a certain sim is, you are sure to have some great impressions out of these.

Besides the one below, you can check other videos for other aircraft at Pro Flight Trainer's YouTube channel.

Check it out!

X-Trident's Bell-512 Accuracy Test Video