XP Realistic Pro v2

About 3 years ago I reviewed XP Realistic Pro and I was really impressed at it but, unfortunately, there was nothing specific for us, helicopter fans.

Back then, I contacted the author and asked him if it would be possible to add something for the helicopter flight simulation community. Roy was really nice about it and told me he would look into it.

Three years into the future, XP Realistic Pro v2 is out and it comes with 3 features which Roy either created or tweaked and tuned for us:

  • Blade slapping
  • Head anticipation
  • Engine vibrations

Head anticipation is something I don’t see working in VR, obviously (and Roy confirmed that) but both blade slapping and engine vibrations should work fine.

We’ll have a review up within the next few days. Meanwhile, you can get XP Realistic Pro v2 from the official website. A cool note: you can download a demo that will be fully functional for 7 days so that you can try it before you buy it.