XFER Design H145 for X-Plane

The XFER freeware H145 for X-Plane was released in December last year, XFER has been silent, which was somewhat to be expected. XFER is not a fully dedicated team (something that would be hard since they don’t make any money out of their work in X-Plane) and real life has a tendency to get in the way of fun stuff.

XFER Design H145 for X-Plane

So, the guys go as they manage. When the H145 was released – and that only happened because they felt like they had been pushing the project back for quite some time – it was clear that the whole project took a toll on them. Add this to the fact that one of the guys has had some harsh health problems and you have somewhat of a perfect storm.

XFER Design H145 for X-PlaneWhich lead me to be surprised, really, when they reached out to me saying there was an update coming out and I saw the changelog.

There are quite a few things in it, which means they were busy and, despite time constraints, managed to cover quite a few fixes and even add small features.

Version 0.91 is here and you can get it right away.



  • Fixed swapped VR teleport hotspot locations for pilot’s and copilot’s seat
  • Fixed wrong “ON” light appearing on instrument panel when using HISL
  • Fixed air conditioning module showing wrong “ON” indications when turned off
  • Fixed missing bleed air indications when using air conditioning to heat the cockpit/cabin
  • Fixed autopilot still affecting the aircraft with no upper modes selected
  • Removed tablet clickspots when tablet is stowed to prevent faulty inputs
  • Removed SmartCopilot compatibility due to it crashing the aircraft

External Power Unit

  • Added external power unit and different cable options
  • Added EPU management options to the configuration tablet (refer to Manual

Traffic Cones

  • Added the option to secure the helicopter using traffic cones
  • Added traffic cones setup options to the configuration tablet (refer to Manual


  • Added small winch float/buoy option
  • Added option to close the aft passenger window
  • Reworked slow wiper animation


  • Added the option to reduce the downwash particle effect intensity
  • Added IAS upper mode reference adjustment to beep trim
  • Added pulse light option (refer to Manual 3.8.3)
  • Added bleed air symbol to PFD
  • Added “audio test” voice message to lamp test
  • Added “DC recept” functionality to overhead switch
  • Added EMER FLOATS TEST functionality
  • Added CABLE CUT TEST functionality
  • Increased IESI align timer from 64 to 109 seconds
  • Reworked sector indicator (SCT) in PFD
  • Replaced “Force German SAR squawk” with “Remember squawk code” (refer to Manual


  • Reworked NRM of D-HNWS
  • Reworked all ADAC paints

Paint kit

  • Added NRM options for metallic/non-metallic liveries
  • Added labeling color options for all labeling stickers labels for bright/dark liveries
  • Added UV mapping for aft passenger windows
  • Added new aircraft type logo option