XFER H145 for X-Plane - Helionix

The team has been hard at work implementing a whole new, reworked Helionix system.

From the Airbus official website:

Helionix is an avionics system designed by Airbus Helicopters to offer increased mission flexibility to operators and to positively impact operational safety. It comprises two computers and a one-of-a-kind cockpit layout with up to four electronic displays designed to improve pilots’ situational awareness in flight.

Helionix grew out of operators’ need for a more powerful avionics system with greater computing capacity and more functions, but which was easier to use and relied on fewer displays. Employing standardised features, the system has already been integrated into Airbus Helicopters’ new generation of aircraft.

The avionics suite includes a four-axis autopilot to reduce pilot workload, and a First Limit Indicator in which engine instrument data is shown under one indicator. A GPS navigation and communication system and a Traffic Advisory System complete the suite, while a mission system, including Digital map, a Helicopter Terrain Avoidance System and a Synthetic Vision System, give pilots full situational awareness.

You can learn more about it on the Airbus website.

XFER Design was also kind enough to send us a render of their work on the skids. You can see a float system and a controllable light. The team is really overhauling the project, which is quite exciting.

The team is not working to provide a "full study level" sim but they are trying to provide a very realistic helicopter that should please the community. The development of the Helionix system is just a sample of how the team's working hard to provide all of us with a great addon.

New screenshots

XFER H145 for X-Plane - skids XFER H145 for X-Plane - skids XFER H145 for X-Plane - skids XFER H145 for X-Plane - skids

More information on the project

Check out our previous news about the project for a list of features and more screenshots or visite the XFER Design official Facebook.