X-Trident Bell 412 for X-Plane 12

Not only the update brings the 412 up to speed with the latest version of X-Plane, X-Trident also added independent wipers and rain effect.

X-Trident Bell 412 for X-Plane 12

The company also tuned up external lighting.

X-Trident Bell 412 for X-Plane 12X-Trident Bell 412 for X-Plane 12

In case you don’t have the X-Trident Bell 412, you can find the full features list below and you can purchase it here. It’s definitely well worth it.

  • Full compatibility with X-Plane 12 (and X-Plane 11)
  • Rain and wipers effects (XP12)
  • Weight sliders for every transportable item (pilots, crew, cargo)
  • Highly detailed 3d model and 3d cockpit. Most switches operable
  • Detailed rotor kinematic modeling
  • Detailed lights
  • Close to real fuel, hydraulic and electrical systems; start-up sequence follows the real checklist almost line by line
  • Custom failures
  • Working custom auxiliary tank and water drop system
  • Working dolly pad for precision landing
  • Custom warning panel
  • Custom governor
  • Custom artificial stability
  • Custom 4 channels autopilot with over 10 modes
  • Flight model approved and tweaked by real pilots
  • Hyper detailed rotor with all its levers moving ud and down,
  • Custom GPU
  • Custom Remove Before Flight with dangling flags (with FOD)
  • ADF with bank error
  • Working doors with changing sound volume effect
  • Many liveries plus a paint kit; smart configuration of optional objects attached to each livery
  • Plugin for Windows, Mac and Linux - detailed custom menu
  • Includes a licensed version of Dreamfoil's Geforce plugin
  • Working NIGHTSUN Spotlight
  • Working FLIR Camera
  • Custom Winch and SAR operations