AW139 users, rejoice! It is finally here!

Fulfilling its promise to get back to the AW139 – a strategy which was understandably frowned upon by a lot of community members – X-Rotors has finally released the update for the AW139.

The changelog, which you can see below and also on the official website, is quite extensive and it covers quite a few improvements, bug fixes and updates.

You can get the update at the official website.

Official changelog

  • Improved model, fuseleage and interiors have being ported to Blender and overhauled
  • Improved flight model, now experimental with new turbine models and rotor-driven hydraulics
  • Improved cockpit, flight controls have now night lighting and fully animated switches
  • Improved textures, cabin and panels got new lights, materials and normal maps
  • Improved cyclic trim, now with a new trim reset command very useful in ATT mode
  • Improved rotor animations, now spinning without scatters and linear regression on port side
  • Improved callouts, LDP and TDP are now triggered by CAT A and ENGINE IDLE is less sensitive
  • Fixed a bug causing almost every autopilot mode to be unresponsive and messy
  • Fixed a bug causing rotor brake to be always engaged at launch
  • Fixed a bug causing the collective to be inverted in VR
  • Fixed a bug preventing the CAS messages to be seen on Windows
  • Fixed a bug preventing the CAS messages to activate and deactivate panel lights
  • Fixed a bug preventing the product license to be verified at startup on some configurations
  • Fixed a bug preventing the main rotor’s NR to be correctly working on MFD
  • Fixed a bug causing the collective trim switch to invert CLTV/YAW TRIM functions
  • Added a hide yoke function
  • Added AviTab™ cockpit integration* in HD with custom mount, landing camera and glowing light
  • Updated plane maker panel, now with a 2048 x 2048 texture and room for more HD instruments
  • Updated ATT mode (CWS), new code and autopilot constants ensure precision and steadiness
  • Updated lights, exterior and cockpit emitters are now HDR and lights control has been rewritten
  • Updated pilot, the same guy of the AW109 is there to do amazing things
  • Updated interactions, useless animations and manipulators are now gone forever
  • Updated meshes, vertices and faces have been heavily optimized and deduplicated
  • Updated textures, fuseleage got new engine grids and clearer window glasses
  • Updated pilot view, now higher and regressed as in reality
  • Updated PLA, both levers have lights and are in flight position by default
  • Updated PFD, consistently with the other metrics, barometric pressure is now HPA
  • Updated sounds for flip switches and knobs, landing gear sound is being reduced at 4″
  • Updated installer security and speed, now powered by Amazon S3