X-Rotors AW109 for X-Plane

During the 2 days following the release of their AW109, X-Rotors released version 1.01 and 1.02, addressing a few of the most urgent – and easier to fix – issues, and they immediately indicated they would be working on 1.03.

In their post about the update, among other things, X-Rotors indicates that “the flight model, now less “drone” and more “helicopter” while keeping an enjoyable feel of control and hovering easiness”. Work on the rotor animations and sounds is also ongoing.

Here’s the full changelog for 1.03, which you can also find on X-Rotor’s website:

  • Improved flight model, now permitting a smooth flight up to VNE
  • Improved landing gear sound, now properly muffled
  • Improved cabin sound, now paired with engine speed
  • Improved high speed rotor mesh, now bending a lot less upwards
  • Improved rotor animation, now tuned to gyroscopic precession
  • Improved flight directors accountability and stand-by functions
  • Improved force trim release response from the helicopter
  • Fixed cyclic trim, now acting properly in ATT HOLD with stand-by FD
  • Fixed force trim function, added new command and CAS message
  • Fixed SAS 1 & 2 functions, dealing better with control sensitivity
  • Fixed 102% command, now working from joystick
  • Fixed pilot visibility from cockpit and replays on some systems
  • Fixed turbine sound, now properly working in all conditions
  • Fixed cabin sound, now correctly tied to engines RPM
  • Fixed a bug occasionally causing tail strike at flight start
  • Fixed a bug preventing the pedals to move in ATT HOLD
  • Fixed a bug preventing the start of engine 2 when fuel 1 was off
  • Fixed transponder power, now correctly switching off on IVAO
  • Fixed auto-trim, now it just keeps trims within their limits
  • Fixed a bug pushing TOT over 1000° for seconds at startup
  • Fixed anti-torque pedal request, now properly left sided
  • Added auto-hover command, for the ease of steady operations
  • Added auto-yaw command, for the ease of mouse-only pilots
  • Added user command for cyclic trim reset button
  • Added user commands for SAS 1 & 2 switches
  • Updated hide yoke command, now also removes collective
  • Updated guide with technical data and speed limitations
  • Installed module now identified by version number

Some of these issues were addressed on our review and it’s good to see them addressed so quickly by the developer, which is showing to be listening and seems ready to work on improving the product.

Meanwhile, X-Rotors has also started a Discord Server where everyone can pitch in and get in touch with the team, which is a great resource and a fantastic step towards building up a community around the team and their products. So, join up and give X-Rotors your feedback so that you can help shape their products.

You can get the X-Rotors AW109 and the latest updates on their website.