The update has been something the community has been craving for some time and as promised, X-Rotors started working on it immediately after they stabilized the AW109.

X-Rotors AW139 update announcement on Discord

The announcement was made on the official Discord Server and the changelog is also already available on the X-Rotors website.

X-Rotors AW139 4.01 changelog

  • Improved cockpit, now all meshes, animations and interactions are done with Blender
  • Improved cockpit, flight controls have now night lighting and animated hat switches
  • Improved textures, panels got new materials and normal maps to feel more metal
  • Improved force trim, cyclic hat got a new trim reset command
  • Fixed a bug causing the collective to be inverted in VR
  • Fixed a bug preventing the CAS messages to be seen on Windows
  • Fixed a bug preventing the acknowledge of CAS messages to switch off panel lights
  • Added AviTab™ cockpit integration* in HD with custom mount and dynamic glowing light
  • Updated attitude hold, code was overhauled to ensure precision and steadiness
  • Updated cabin lights, all emitters are now HDR and lights control has been rewritten
  • Updated ACF, now with 2048 x 2048 panel texture and room for more instruments
  • Updated installer reliability and speed, now powered by Amazon S3