X-Rotors AW139 RC2 is out, RC3 on the way

As promised, X-Rotors hasn't stopped after they launched the pre-release version of the X-Rotors. RC2 is already out and RC3 is only a few days away.

X-Rotors AW139 for X-Plane

The team's goal is to reach the final stage of release (version 4.0 stable) as soon as possible and then continue to update the model.

As you can read on our review, the AW139, is still in an early stage with quite a few issues and lacking some features (although the auto-hover is pretty amazing already!).

X-Rotors is all over it and they are working hard to improve it and make it a complete product.

If you are already an AW139 owner, head out to X-Rotor's website and download the latest version.

Here's what's new:

RC2 changelog

  • Fixed the marching ants issue affecting many textures on some graphic cards due to wrong UV maps
  • Fixed internal glass opacity, as reported too dark by many pilots using VR headsets
  • Fixed collective trim hat switch function, when CLTV/YAW trim is on the switch trims collective, otherwise it changes the reference target parameter value if a FD collective mode is engaged (ie. VS or ALT reference)
  • Fixed rotor brake strenght
  • Fixed vents sound when battery is off

But there's more: RC3 changelog

There's a lot more coming next and the X-Rotors team was kind enough to let us know what will be present on RC3. Here it is:

  • Fixed pedals unlocked when CLTV/YAW trim is ON, now they lock unless FT REL (collective) is being pressed;
  • Fixed cyclic trim UP and DOWN function when FORCE TRIM is ON;
  • Fixed engine power, fuel consumption and weights parameters;
  • Fixed map display instrument showing with user custom liveries;
  • Fixed multiple external fuseleage details showing with user custom liveries;
  • Added a belly spot light, a powerful external light you can move around by its own hat switch onto collective, this is particularly useful when hovering at night.
  • Rotor trimming

Edit: the changelog has changed and you can now get the RC3 from X-Rotor's website.

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