X-Rotors AW-139 V4 RC4 for X-Plane released

The X-Rotors AW-139 for X-Plane has gone through yet another iteration and the team has released their Release Candidate 4.

X-Rotors AW-139 V4 RC4 for X-Plane

Here's what's new and updated:

  • Rewritten SAS and ATT logic based upon AP1/2, FT and CPL activation, a hard fix but the most desired upgrade for real pilots;
  • Rewritten autopilot FD modes from scratch so that they obey to the real logic, also added custom toggle commands;
  • Fixed cyclic FT actuators, now the desired pitch and roll attitudes are kept in ATT mode, use FT REL and cyclic to set them;
  • Fixed excess of power (HP) and aircraft weights values, now real AW139 pilots should feel at home a lot better;
  • Fixed unrealistic display values and arrows behavior for NG, ITT, TQ and PI along with range warnings;
  • Fixed continuous input to trimming switches both on cyclic and collective, keep each hat switch pressed to increase or decrease values;
  • Fixed failed restart issue occourring after a power-off by using PMS, now each engine starts, idles and restarts as expected;
  • Fixed rotor brake’s caliper effectiveness, now it is proportional to the action on the lever and won’t turn the helicopter anymore;
  • Added a retractable spotlight to the belly, it can be switched on and pointed in any direction by using the rightside hat switch on the collective;
  • Enlarged cabin sound sphere, now VR pilots should not get outer sounds when attempting to lean their heads towards the window;
  • Fixed seats headrests issue on custom liveries showing both closed and open configurations, now they have the hole opened;
  • Fixed livery template UV map misplacements on tail boom, stabilizer, belly and added nose logo area, now authors can paint it just right;
  • Unified N2 102% commands into a single toggle, this is to help out the serious simmers with their hardware;
  • Removed the old version guide from the package, looking forward to write a much simpler procedural sheet;
  • Fixed tires appearing raised from the ground;
  • Fixed minor details on cabin and external meshes;
  • Fixed nose glass transparency issue;
  • Raised avionics fans volume just right;
  • Digital wind indicator back in place;
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