X-Rotors AW109 for X-Plane 12

All right this may be a bit confusing. We have 2 versions of the X-Rotors AW109, one for X-Plane 11 and the other for X-Plane 12.

Same major build (version 1), but different minor versions and also different sim support.

X-Rotors AW109 for X-Plane 12X-Rotors AW109 for X-Plane 12

So, we have version 1.08.3, which is the current version for X-Plane 11 and that update brings us the following:

  • Improved rotor animations, now spinning smoothly at every frame rate
  • Improved caution light, now with a tiny texture correction
  • Improved cabin volume, now you can hear that noise right
  • Fixed a bug causing misbehaviors when altimeter unmatch barometer (1.08.1)
  • Fixed a bug causing the the tail rotor to unmatch the flight model (1.08.2)
  • Fixed a bug causing massive system failure if Avitab™ is not installed (1.08.3)

As for version 1.09, that’s for X-Plane 12 and this version now brings:

  • Full compliance with X-Plane 12.00*
  • Improved engine sounds, now made with FMOD 2.02
  • Fixed a bug causing quick discharge of battery if no EPU connected
  • Added rain and wiper effects
  • Added glass scratches
  • Updated xLua plugin and embedded scripts to Luajit 2.1

Note that this version is NOT compatible with X-Plane 11.

How is it that things can get confusing?

X-Rotors AW109 for X-Plane 12X-Rotors AW109 for X-Plane 12

Well, basically because if you have bought the X-Plane 11 version of the AW109, you can update it to 1.08.3 (the X-Plane 11 version). But you can NOT update it to 1.09, which is the X-Plane 12 version.

For that, you’ll have to upgrade to the new version. This is where we got some readers confused because 1.09 seems like an upgrade on 1.08.3, right? It’s like we should get 1.09 right after 1.08.3. That’s not the case.

Perhaps X-Rotors should have called the X-Plane 12 version v2.0 or something like that so people realized what it really was?

Anyway, here’s the possible paths:

  1. Current owners of the AW109 for X-Plane 11 can:
    1. Update to version 1.08.3 (X-Plane 11)
    2. Upgrade to version 1.09 (X-Plane 12). Edit: Use code AW109OFF30 to get a discount if you already own the X-Plane 11 version.
  2. Those that do not own the AW109 can get either version at the regular price

I hope that helps and makes better sense to you if you were confused. It’s really not hard but I understand why some folks asked about it. I have to say I was a bit confused myself and had to ask X-Rotors.

You can get the X-Rotors AW109 for X-Plane 11 here.

As for the X-Rotors AW109 for X-Plane 12, you can purchase it here.