X-Plane 11.30 - joystick response curve settings screen

This screen will allow you to adjust, in a very friendly and precise way, how your joystick's inputs should be translated by X-Plane to the aircraft you are using.

By allowing you to adjust the response curve, you can set your joystick so that it gets less sensitive near the center and more towards the outer portion of its movement, or the opposite. This way you can compensate for some issues you might have like an old potmeter or even a nasty stiff spring that doesn't allow you to do micro-movements and, instead, you need to actually pull the stick a bit more.

It's a welcome addition for our settings toolbox for sure.

Update: and there's more!

On Twitter, Phiipp Ringler, developer at Laminar Research added a bit more info:


Hey! What about my VR???

Yep, you heard it right 11.30 is not being kind to VR and things are broken right now. The good news is that the team is working to iron out all the bugs and issues and Laminar is doing their best to release 11.30 with VR fully working.