This bug was first noticed in version 9 and, since then, we have been living with it. Some better than others, though. You see, people using VR have been having it worse since it can get you sick pretty fast (and pretty bad).

Yesterday, though, Philipp Ringler, from Laminar Research has tweeted that the team is working they call "persistent transform stack" and that "Helicopter pilots will love 1.10".

That obviously got us curious, so we had to ask about it. Well, it seems this new development will get us rid of the ground jitters -- finally.

Philipp indicated us that this is especially noticeable on helicopters so I guess we can say Laminar is giving us some love.

Let's see what's coming next for helicopters in X-Plane. There are still some issues that need to be addressed. According to Austin, we should have more VRS data and we can check if things are working as they should. If not, we can nag him:

Now, you mention that VRS does not seem to be there.

But I think it is.

SO, for 11.10, (NOT 11.01!) I have new data output that SHOWS the VRS ratio according to the flight model.

AND, I have carefully documented my CODE to tell me when VRS happens, and why.

SO, if anyone does NOT see VRS in 11.10 they can email me and I will have them turn on same data output diagnostics and we will see what X-Plane is doing and why and get all in sync on this.

It seems like 11.10 is bringing helicopters a step forth and provide us with tools to help LR to further improve them.